Engineering Design

Structural Engineering
Our Director, being himself a trained Structural Engineer, addresses the selection of the structural system during the architectural design process. Specialist consultants, however, handle detailed Structural Design. Our experienced project architects and project managers handle coordination of the work of the structural engineering consultant with the architectural drawings and the other engineering systems.

Plumbing and Fire Protection
Consulting firms who specialize in the design of water supply and waste management and fire-protection systems are employed during the design development stage to ensure that these systems are fully integrated with the architectural design. However great the architectural design, unless these relatively low-tech systems work, the building would be a failure and result in endless headaches for its users. At Viridis, these systems are given due importance during the design process.
Our project architects and project managers carry out coordination of the Plumbing and Fire-Protection Systems with the Structural, Electrical and Mechanical Systems.

Electrical Engineering
Electrical Design for lighting, heating and air conditioning and the design of emergency and back-up systems are undertaken during the design development stage. Ensuring that these systems are fully accessible for maintenance and up gradation is a taken into account during the design stage. Allocation of the necessary ducts, cutouts and spaces required for the installation of the electrical system is handled in consultation with specialist consultant.
The electrical engineering consultant designs the electrical system based on the inputs we provide them and our project architects and project managers ensure proper coordination with the other systems.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
Use of natural lighting and ventilation in the design ensures that the mechanical systems are kept to a minimum. The required systems are designed with the help of specialist consultants to ensure that these systems are as energy efficient as they can be using the latest technology.
3-D CADD like ArchiCAD is used to ensure that the HVAC system and the other engineering sytems are fully coordinated.

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