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What We Offer

Concept to Completion consultancy services for Architecture and Interiors Projects,

Closely Managing Quality, Cost and Time

Creating Inspirational Environment 

To Live, Work and Play

Our Services


Architectural Design

Design to the requirements of the client with continual dialogue to shape the client's ideas into reality


Plumbing Engineering

Designing Systems that work flawlessly for the life of the building and making provisions for ease of maintenance


Structural Engineering

The structure is the backbone of every building. Choosing the right structural systems and working with engineers to ensure safe, optimal structure and detailing them to the nuts and bolts before construction


Fire Protection

Ensuring fire safety by adhering to international codes and local codes and designing fail-safe detection and supression systems and adequate means of egress for the safety of occupants


Controlling Cost of Project

Cost must not be a surprise in the end. We work to ensure optimum specifications to meet the client's needs and budget with upfront projection of costs and detailed estimation of quantities before the start of construction.


Electrical Engineering

Designing power systems and backup systems with attention to energy efficiency and use of renewable sources  of energy



Cooling buildings in Indian conditions is very energy intensive. We design passive solar cooling systems and ventilation where possible


Water Management

Design to use recycled waste water and harvested rainwater to reduce dependence on municipal water supply and bore wells. We ensure that all the rainwater that fall on the premises is collected and used or recharged into the ground.

Looking after our client's interest, without compromise, is the essence of our services

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